What is Girls Empowerment?
Girls Empowerment is define as the equal distribution of rights among women in a society. Equal share in resources and a life where they can stand up for themselves against the odds in a society. Through centuries women were considered as a weak end of a society but this concept changed in the early 20s. Women of today are well aware and practical.

The success of a society depends on how much the women of that society are empowered. How is justice served and whether the rights are being reserved. So, Girls Empowerment is a term which is used commonly but this term is portrayed in a very negative way. If you educate a woman you educate an entire nation. Women constitute almost half of world’s population and are historically responsible for developing future generations. In any society regardless of the culture and beliefs, women empowerment is highly essential. It is because women bring a unique talent, different ideas and sensibilities at the workplace. So, women economic empowerment needs to truly grow and sustain. The easiest way to achieve it is through education. We need to teach women about gender equality, the rights they deserve and the fact that women’s emergence in a society can do wonders. GET Youth is an organization working for the betterment of roles played by women in our society. They motivate, encourage and increase the strength of women socially, economically and morally. The increase in literacy rate of Pakistani women will ultimately benefit the transformation we all wish to see. Like, through girl empowerment program there will be less domestic violence it will create more awareness. Through education women will be able to tip in making money and having a fair share of house hold will slowly uproot poverty because of proper distribution of wealth. They will also be able to showcase their talent and outshine through their exceptional skills. Women empowerment is also important when it comes to bring peace and justice in a society. When women are equally armed to fight against the wrongs then it will be easy for a nation to raise its voice single handed or as a community.

Final Words
GET Youth successfully is running girl empowerment programs with a soul purpose of creating awareness, defining gender roles, breaking stereotypes and motivating young girls to learn about their rights and stand up for themselves. This process for women empowerment is only possible if the initial stages are all about gaining knowledge, getting education and spreading it. Women empowerment also strives to morally encourage women to come forth and play their part as a very important part of the society